Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dre Dog last week, Bootcamp this week, Little Man In Between

Dre Dog

When they said all ages they meant ALL AGES. I mean seriously it was all 15 and 16 year-olds. There was a kid there who had to be no more than 10 (rockin' the white tee). And thanks to the lineup of scrub after scrub had to get out of there before Nickatina graced the stage for his 15-minute set. Cellski was cool, but c'mon. Has anyone ever said, "I wanna be surrounded by 15 year olds watching bad rappers I've never heard of rappin over their vocal tracks because they're either too stupid or too lazy to make instrumentals?" I didn't think so. Did get the free CD from Dre Dog, "Khanthology": The best of the best of his cocaine raps. Like all great Bay Area rap moguls, when in doubt, repackage! It is a relatively dope comp though, especially because it tells you what year each song came out, so you can sorta map back your life in relation to one of your favorite rappers.

Bootcamp Clik

Playin at Slim's tonight. This is gonna be off the chain. Cannot wait for "Act Like U Want It".

Little Man

Checked it out last night at the old Metreon. So good. Exceeded all expectations. Yes I saw Little Man in the theater. Tracy Morgan plays a criminal named Percee P. Any movie that features a dude getting hit in the groin 3 consecutive times wins in my book. Hilarious. Midget Wayans did make me think of that Dre Dog show. Really, those kids were tiny. Anyways, see you at the show, if you're comin'


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Blogger Sincere's Mommy said...

Dope blog btw...Bootcamp represent yo. Also, check out A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed @ Mighty Feb 3. This show will be hot. For more info visit Peace

5:57 PM  
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