Tuesday, July 18, 2006

DJ Shadow and The Hyphy Movement

More tracks continue to be released with DJ Shadow and various Bay Area Rappers as part of his hyphyest album yet...

I think it's a good thing, whatever, dude is talented, let him fool around...he's not selling out, he's been on Universal for years, and he wants to do something different than abstract instrumental joints. Fine. But all these whiny backpacker kids are cryin' about it and all the kids with the white tees don't know who the hell DJ Shadow is...don't think this is gonna sell much but yet the beats are ill. Again Shadow is a talented dude. Here's a new track with the God-awful Federation...man they are terrible. I like the beat though. Wow the Federation is bad. Damn. Really just garbage. But anyways, check it out, lemme know what you think: DJ Shadow feat. The Federation and Animaniaks "Turf Dancin"

The first joint was way better...but overall seems like the album might hit...


Blogger thesis writing help said...

Hey!! This is awesome!!! This really is awesome!! DJ Shadow you really gettin' there! You know how to make us dance to the beat!

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