Monday, June 19, 2006

Bitch I'll Slap You With A Smith and Wesson and Shit On Your Pants and Piss On Your Skirt

One of the many choice lines from Kool Keith's show. It was off the chain...started off with a straight up slate of Ultramagnetic MC's heavy-hitters, and seemed oddly sane, knowing the words to every song. Last time in SF Keith and his posse robbed the box office at Slim's and they booked. He made the sly reference to that by repeatedly telling the crowd "Y'all thought I wouldn't show up". Then he started into the insane Kool Keith we all know and love. He naturally didn't remember the words to his stuff, singing choruses and freestlyin' verses, also the first time I heard a chorus mashup, where he did like 20 choruses in a row, bringin' just the heat line after line.

After this well-endowed chick from the crowd jumped onto the stage and took off her bra, couple after couple started streaming to the exit. You know the dudes told their girls not to come, or forced 'em to come out...the glares of some of the But did they not appreciate the 12 girls dancing on stage (including one Keith labeled "Death Rock Chick") during Sex Style? Or the fact that Keith did his new single G-Spot, twice? Or his splitting of the crowd into clit lickers and butt lickers ("Clit dudes you gotta watch out for the butt dudes cause they'll take it one step further with your girl"). Or his remarks about eating strawberries and cream out of an asshole?

The reporter from Jane Magazine took it fairly well though. But left shortly after Sex Style. Grab the free track courtesy of Threshold Recordings.

Sex Style

Sex Style

Kool Keith
Threshold Recordings, LLC

Oh and Tajai's shout out to St. Pauli Girl Non-Alcoholic ("I love the flavor, hate the gut") was probably the first in hip hop history.


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